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Traditional Heroes often had a map to guide them on their journey, as well as true companions and magic weapons.

This website is for Career Crafters, the Heroes of our modern times, and it is a map, a guide, a source of magical information.

And there are clues to help you find companions for your journey.

Our resources are organized into eight main areas:

  1. Career Crafting Mindset
  2. Network Science
  3. Luck Factors
  4. Volunteering
  5. Your Story
  6. The Inner You
  7. Belonging
  8. Building Our Career Crafting Community

In addition there is  an Instruction Manual to help you on your way.

And to help you understand the context, I have shared  the story  about my (Ian Johnson) Career Journey.

I am an avid reader, and so there is a list of recommended reading:  some of the  books and articles that have inspired me on my way.

Finally, I have provided a Site Map to assist you in finding your way, and a contact page, so you can reach out to me, if you wish.

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Enjoy your journey!

The Career Crafter's Journey