The Fifth Way

The Fifth Way Field Guide

For Leading, Learning and Healing

By Ian Johnson, Ph.D.


Feeling stuck, bored, anxious or depressed? Same old, same old?

This Guide is a set of new tools for handling old challenges.

The Fifth Way is a path of self-directed inquiry for leading, learning and healing that uses The Grid as a framework for developing fresh perspectives and guiding the discovery of deep and meaningful insights. The Grid helps you to attune to where the answers may be found so that you can discover what you need to know.

The Fifth Way Field Guide is written in three sections:

In Section One – Personal Development you learn how to understand your life journey as a series of developmental stages. Then you are introduced to The Grid. On your first Journey, you learn how to heal wounds from your past. On the second Grid Journey you learn how to make Future Perfect Plans for your life.

In Section Two – Community Development, you learn about the Stages of Community Development. We show you how to build a community, operating at Stage Four, that supports you as you manifest your destiny and fulfill your aspirations.

In Section Three – Leader Development, you will learn about Doing Leading. And you will begin to realize that you are not manifesting your destiny – your Destiny is Manifesting You! And also you will discover that the next step in your journey is to begin again at Section One, continuing your personal development.

In his memoir Apprenticed with Spirit, David Spangler describes how he met John, his partner. John said:

“I am not your teacher. Your teacher is within you, as is true for everyone. But I can help you with the training you will need to follow your calling. I can help you access the teacher within you. As I say, if you are willing, we shall be partners. Think about it, and let me know if you are ready.”

And that is what The Fifth Way Field Guide is about.

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What is The Grid?

The Grid is an interface. The Grid is a tool for SELF learning and SELF healing. It is an oracular interface that helps the inquirer discover meaning and purpose and develop confidence and resilience in the face of adversity.

And what is the goal of the interface?

Read the article about The Grid to find out.

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