The Beginning

In one way this project began when I (Ian)  was born in England on 29 December 1944, in the dark and dangerous times at the end of the Second World War. My parents and family gave me a great start in life, especially under the difficult circumstances. I was clothed, fed, educated, brought up nicely, and generally cared for in ways that were the best possible at the time.

However, I was traumatized, and didn't even realize it, because that life was all that I knew. As I grew up I struggled to fit into the community at school, and felt as if I didn't belong - somehow alienated, separated by an invisible wall of glass from those around me, however much I tried to reach out or fit in.

Much of my life journey has been a successful (though somewhat stressful) saga of dealing with the ghosts of my past and becoming a healthy happy person. Year by year, like playing the game of snakes and ladders, my life got better, then worse, then better, all the while gradually improving overall.

Fast forward to the second beginning of this project, which happened in 2015, as I read  "The Body Keeps The Score" written by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. The book was recommended to me in November of 2014, soon after it was published, by Daniel Jordan, Director at the Sunshine Coast Health Center.

As I read the book, I felt that I finally had found the missing number, the last one that opened the combination lock to the safe. At last I was beginning to understand what my life was really about. And although all my previous attempts brought progress, none had brought such a satisfying and complete sense of understanding and arriving.

And so, as we get ready to begin 2016, I am setting up this web site and the infrastructure required to launch "The Developmental Trauma Study Group"

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