Vision & Values

What Is Our Vision?
(Where we are going)

A world where all those who suffer from the effects of developmental trauma and domestic violence have access to the resources they need to be resilient and lead a life filled with meaning and purpose.

What Is Our Mission?
(What we are doing)

Fostering Post Traumatic Growth by helping people learn how to break free from the cycle of developmental trauma and building communities for human flourishing.

What Are Our Core Values?
(What's important to us)

There are many values we can choose, and over time we can prioritize them to establish core values.

  • Feeling Safe: before we begin - Safety First
  • Proceeding at a safe pace
  • Feeling Supported - Unconditional Positive Regard for our community members and our stakeholders (Carl Rogers)
  • Everyone feels heard - Participative Decision Making
  • Everyone feels valued
  • Leading -  followers learn how to be leaders
  • Authentic Belonging
  • Measuring what's important
  • Honesty - how do we measure that?
  • Trust - how do you define it, describe it and measure it?
  • Learning that transforms as well as learning that informs
  • Doing to learn rather than doing to produce a result
  • A living wage for our members - financial resilience - six streams of income

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Social Engagement Solutions – Building Communities For Human Flourishing