Fostering Post Traumatic Growth

Difficult times can stimulate our growth

  • What is Post Traumatic Growth?
  • How can we measure it?
  • How can we foster it?
  • What helps us to develop resilience and well-being?

Our Study Group is working on four projects:

  1. Study
    We are a group of professional peers who are sharing our experience and knowledge about developmental trauma, what it is, how it is caused, and how it can be healed.
    Our group does not offer sessions to individuals who want to benefit from the research in a personal manner, but we do invite members to contact any of the professionals whose profiles are found on this website.
  2. Support Group
    Developmental Trauma happens very early in life, often before the infant has developed an identity and learned to speak. And so the healing that is required depends mostly on self-learning, rather than coaching, counselling, teaching, or training. That is because all of these methods require being taught by others, not on self-learning, which is what is required.
    Our Support Group is where we share the tools that assist self-learning.
  3. Community Building
    Here we provide the resources required to build a safe place for authentic belonging and at the same time give access to a safe, supportive and understanding community that facilitates self-learning.
    This is where we learn how to apply our social engagement solutions and build communities for human flourishing.
  4. Business Building
    Here we provide the tools that support our professional members as they build theirĀ  social enterprises.

Social Engagement Solutions – Building Communities For Human Flourishing