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Post Traumatic Growth

Challenging times can lead to positive changes.


You can use the present moment to release attachments to past memories and make room for a positive future. Yes, you can experience resilience, growth and well-being.


Our mission is to foster Post Traumatic Growth by building Communities for Human Flourishing.

We do this by sharing tools that help you discover meaning and purpose for yourself, and learn how to enjoy life and be resilient, fulfilled and authentic, while feeling safe, calm and fully present.

What Is Developmental Trauma?

What is Developmental Trauma, how it is caused, and how can you transform and transcend it?

Developmental Trauma is similar to, yet different from, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Other names used to describe Developmental Trauma are:

    • Complex Trauma
    • Complex PTSD
    • Relational Trauma

Unlike PTSD, which is caused by a single traumatic event that happens to an adult, developmental trauma is due to multiple events that happen in childhood.

The terms “Relational Trauma,” “Complex Trauma” or “Complex PTSD” are used to describe the experience of multiple and/or chronic and prolonged, developmentally adverse traumatic events, most often of an interpersonal nature (e.g., sexual or physical abuse, war, community violence) and early-life onset. These exposures often occur within the child’s care-giving system and include physical, emotional, and educational neglect and child maltreatment beginning in early childhood.

Developmental trauma happens when the child feels physically and psychologically trapped, and develops coping mechanisms in situations where fight or flight does not seem possible.


Survivors of domestic abuse share many of the same challenges as those with developmental trauma, because they too experience repeated traumatic events in situations where they feel trapped.

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Meetings are held in Richmond, BC. If you are not able to come in person, arrangements can be made to participate via Skype, Google Hangouts or similar on-line method. Contact us for details. 

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We are seeking three types of members:

  1. Professionals who have training in alternative and complementary approaches and also have experience of education, science, health care, medicine, research, counselling and life coaching. We are especially interested in healing arts professionals who help clients with challenges caused by trauma, and who are looking to add new skills and tools to their toolkit.
  2. People who have direct experience of the challenges created by trauma, and who wish to learn more about how to  become resilient and enjoy life more fully.
  3. Social Entrepreneurs or business innovators who are creating communities that help people overcome the challenges caused by trauma.

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Basic Membership is free, and gives you access to our community. If you want to join our study group, please use the Registration Form

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