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"Ian's extensive knowledge about interactions in business, and his profound insights into key problems, and solutions have been an enormous benefit to me in my professional and personal development."

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Doctor I. Johnson, Marketing Consultant


Metaphor Inquiry Workshop

Relieving Chronic Pain Symptoms
With Somatic Metaphor Inquiry

An Assisted Self-Learning Experience
Presented by Ian Johnson, Ph.D.

The Story

When we experience emotional or physical pain, we usually try to make it go away. We want to experience relief, and our unconscious mind packages it away in our Shadow. However, we seldom ask the pain what it is trying to say. What is the message carried by the symptom? Metaphor Inquiry provides a way of discovering the story the symptom is trying to tell.

Why Should I Try Somatic Metaphor Inquiry?

Metaphor Inquiry taps into powerful resources that you may not have accessed. It often uncovers surprising outcomes you would not have imagined, even in your wildest dreams. If you haven't heard of it, or tried it yet, chances are, it will make a difference, particularly with mysterious chronic problems that defy description.

Our Approach:

  • Mark the places where you experience emotional or physical pain on a diagram of the human body.
  • Choose one of the painful areas (emotional or physical) to work with.
  • Describe your subjective experience of the pain.
  • Re-Present your pain symptoms by drawing a metaphoric image with oil pastels.
  • Use Metaphor Inquiry to unpack the message hidden in the symptom.
  • Be your experience.
  • Share your experience with the group.

Ian will introduce, describe and demonstrate these practical tools that will guide you through your sessions.

Following the demonstration, Ian will mentor you as you work together in small groups to gain first-hand practical experience in giving, receiving and observing sessions.

The workshop will end with an integration session for sharing insights and learnings.

Suggested Reading

The easiest way to learn about the approach is through experience. However, if you read the article Mind Metaphor and Health before the workshop, you will have a better understanding of how metaphor is being used.


  • When: Saturday, October 16, 2010
  • Where: Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, 2nd Floor,
    425 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 5N8
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Fee: $30.00
  • Register Online: BINM Continuing Education, Course BNCEPW-S102
  • Information: Contact Ian by email Ian Johnson or phone at (604) 889-2566

Enrollment is limited: Pre-registration is required