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"Ian's extensive knowledge about interactions in business, and his profound insights into key problems, and solutions have been an enormous benefit to me in my professional and personal development."

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Doctor I. Johnson, Marketing Consultant

Welcome To WeQ Consulting Services


With the right know-how and attitude, you can experience success.

I specialise in helping self-employed business owners, and healthcare practitioners to achieve business success while enjoying peace of mind.

The methods I teach help me to live a successful and balanced life that gives me fun, freedom, fame and fortune! When I'm not spending time with my wife of 31 years and 29-year-old son, I am working at the pace I choose, and building new web sites.


Based on my rich life experience as biochemical researcher, businessman, and management consultant, I have helped my clients transform their lives. The results have been greater prosperity, balance and contentment for my clients - and a new set of friends for me. For news about my recent activities visit clean-decisions.com.

Contact me and I will show you how to achieve the future that you want.

"Doctor J."

Doctor I. Johnson

“Your Business Health Is My Business Mission”

Ian is an author, speaker, business coach and Holacracy consultant. His clients include Yoga Teachers, naturopathic physicians, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritional consultants, acupuncturists, family business owners, and other self-employed professionals. His textbook, Marketing Solutions: How To Grow Your Professional Practice, has been used by hundreds of students across Canada.

Call Ian at (604) 889-2566 for information about his programs.

Enjoy Your Adventure!

Doctor I. Johnson
Author, Speaker, Consultant