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VIRGINNIA SEVILLA, RCRT , Certified Reflexologist, Certified Reflexology Teacher, offers courses in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of BC, CANADA, Phone (604) 817-0466

Foot Reflexology Certificate Course

This 110 hour comprehensive training course leads to certification by the Reflexology Association of Canada. It includes 35 hours of classroom instruction, 15 hours of home study, and 60 hours of independent hands-on training. The 35 hours of classroom instruction includes: basic anatomy and physiology, health conditions, the study of the reflex points, foot assessment, health form documentation and hands-on application. The 15 hours of home study complement your classroom learning with various exercises that prepare you for the final examinations. Each student must perform a minimum of 60 hours of independent hands-on training; documentation in the form of health records will be covered in class. These 60 hours of independent hands-on training can be done on a combination of 60 different people so the student may experience various health and foot conditions in their clients. A written and practical examination must be passed before certification is awarded. A student has one year from the end of the course to complete the certification examinations.

Course fees include a Foot Reflexology Chart, student manual and home study workbook.

Course Certificate

On completion of this 110 hour course, you may apply for certification with the Reflexology Association of Canada by taking the Association examination and applying for membership (fees are included in the cost of tuition).

Course Dates and Course Location

See the Schedule of Course Dates. Virginnia offers the course in Richmond and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Tuition Fee

Phone for details. Payable to the Reflexology Association of Canada. Due in full before the start of the first class.

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