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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) And Answers About Reflexology

1. Q: What is reflexology and how does it work

A: Reflexology is the gentle application of pressure to the hands, feet and ears to stimulate the body's natural healing power. It is often used to alleviate tension. By applying pressure on specific areas of the feet or hands, a reflexologist can stimulate corresponding organs or glands. For instance, pressure is applied to the big toe to affect the pituitary gland and the four other toes are stimulated to affect to the brain, sinuses, eyes and ears. Because internal organs like the lungs and the kidneys can not be directly massaged, reflexologists believe that the feet, hands, and ears are an appropriate alternative.

2. Q: What does reflexology do for a person?

A: Typically, a reflexology session provides relaxation and alleviates tension. The body's circulation is improved and its condition is normalized naturally without the client suffering any adverse effects.

3. Q: What does a reflexologist do in a session?

A: A reflexologist aims to provide a healing "environment" for a client. Prior to the session, the client's medical history is discussed. After an inspection of the feet and hands, the reflexologist will individually stimulate each foot and/or each hand. The bottom, top and sides of the feet and/or hands receive a thorough massage. By taking into account the needs of a client, a reflexologist will vary the amounts of pressure on different areas of the foot and hand. Cream is applied to the feet at the end of the reflexology session. The entire process requires approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

4. Q: Who can receive reflexology sessions?

A: Anyone can benefit from reflexology, including children, the elderly and the sick. Reflexology is safe and drug-free, so any person can begin reflexology sessions as soon as they wish.

5. Q: Are there specific sessions for different types of clients?

A: Generally, a reflexologist will administer lighter and shorter sessions on seniors, pregnant women, the sick and children. However, it is recommended that these same types of clients receive reflexology more frequently.

6. Q: Is reflexology a good career?

A: Reflexology is quickly gaining in world-wide recognition as an excellent way towards providing and maintaining health care for all ages. A good reflexologist has sensitive and strong hands. Personal cleanliness and a professional outlook are important. For those who choose self-employment, good business sense is essential. Remember, it takes time and persistence to develop professional skills and a successful practice. This profession is best suited to those who are committed to helping people, and who are able to sustain a challenging work routine. For more information, see our Career Page.

7. Q: How do I market my reflexology services?

If you want more clients check out our reflexology marketing resources:

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