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Marketing for Reflexologists

Reflexology is a professional modality that is particularly suited to Marketing By Referral, partly because it is capable of transforming people's lives, and partly because of the opportunity for the practitioner to develop breakthrough relationships with clients.

Virginnia Says:

"Although I have been running a Reflexology practice for many years, I have struggled with reflexology marketing.

As a therapist, part of my role is to inform and educate the staff concerning reflexology, so they can comfortably promote the services to the guests.

As with any large organization, the hotel has its share of staff turnover. I found that when this happens, there was a predictable result – new staff, fewer bookings, less income.

Although I gave each new staff member a brochure about reflexology, my business still didn't improve. I had not found a good way to train them, and the bookings were still minimal. I needed to increase my income in a way that felt right.

Then I came across an approach called 'Marketing by Referral'. It made sense!. Helping others to market me would be a wonderful way to grow my business. Many of my regular interactions with clients and colleagues could be transformed into marketing opportunities.

Acting on the idea, I began to welcome each new staff member with a free reflexology session. They loved receiving a complimentary pampering from Virginnia! This is now an ongoing practice. The memorable experience helps them to market my services, and they now enjoy explaining the benefits of reflexology to hotel guests. The results are outstanding. I have a much steadier income, and greater peace of mind.

Your Reflexology Career

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