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Your Reflexology Career
Learning How To Succeed In Business For Yourself

The Skills To Be A Successful Professional

Learner, Earner, Healer, Teacher

Once you have obtained your reflexology qualifications and received your certificate, you have a new challenge – learning how to succeed in business for yourself. It is time for the learner to become an earner, and the healer to become a teacher. Don't pass up this opportunity to earn income from your home. Are you next? Michael Gerber says:

“The people who succeed in business don’t do so because of what they know, but because of their insatiable need to know more. The owners of failing businesses think they know enough already. They spend their time defending what they do know rather than finding out what they don’t.” Michael Gerber – The E-Myth

Now it is time to focus your skills and resources on a new goal – growing a successful business that will give you income for life.

Do You Suffer From "Business Reluctance"?

Many reflexologists think of themselves as helpers, healers and learners, but not as business people. They are passionate about reflexology, but are reluctant about business. Self-promotion bothers them. They prefer not to be pushy, and do not want to “sell themselves.” Some are uncomfortable with business, or even frightened by the idea of being an entrepreneur.

If so, you are like many other professionals who have a natural reluctance about being in business. When you want to help and learn, business can seem to threaten your values, ideals and integrity. And so you avoid it as much as possible.

However, once you get past this way of thinking, you will be surprised to discover that you can build a practice that reflects and expresses your values. In fact, you will realize that all it takes to succeed in business are the very skills and resources that helped you to become a reflexologist in the first place.

Learning To Love Being in Business For Yourself

So your first challenge is to learn to love the idea of being in business for yourself. Never mind the gremlins conjured up by the bad examples, those other people who do things that you dislike or detest. You are not about to imitate them, you are on your own path. Focus on your own values, skills and resources, and realize that they are a natural foundation for a successful business.

What Are The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs?

"Realize that being an entrepreneur is not a group effort. Everything starts with you. " – Donald Trump

"If the People Lead, the Leaders Will Follow" – William “Bill” Ellis

These notable quotations are reinforced by Dr. Michael Hall, who says that researchers have identified eight characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Compelling passion and vision
  2. Sees opportunities
  3. Solution focused
  4. Embraces and manages risk
  5. Applies to self – is congruent
  6. Self-disciplined, efficient, effective
  7. Makes plans, follows through, measures performance
  8. Builds and uses business systems

Most, if not all, of these traits are the very ones that helped you to develop your reflexology skills and get your qualifications. The only difference is that they have been applied to the challenges of earning rather than those of healing. Can your compelling passion and vision expand to embrace the idea of providing reflexology products and services that people love to buy from you?

Would you like to you know how to put on your learning hat and develop and use your business intelligence? Like everything else, there is an inner structure to success. Are you ready to enjoy the adventure? To add value through what you’re doing, to become passionately involved and committed? To take on risks and put your feet and hands and cash where your mouth is?

How Much Will I Earn?

Many of you have questions about the salary, income or earnings of a reflexologist. If you are like most self-employed professionals, your income will be small at first - perhaps a few thousand dollars a year in the beginning. So keep your day job, and use it to support you while you build your practice. But do not give up if your income is less than you expect. Choose profits rather than wages. Create your own destiny. Remember the rewards of being self-employed. Wages make you a living, but profits can make you a fortune.

To get some idea of the income and working conditions of reflexologists and similar professionals, go to Work Futures BC. There is information for reflexologists in the UK at Learn Direct. And to find out the details of setting up business for beginners, explore sites such as Be Your Own Boss,as well as Information Guides for Small Business and Small Business BC.

The Skills To Be A Successful Professional

Success is available to anyone - it's the result of having the right knowledge, attitude and contacts. Let us help you discover the keys to your success. We will show you how you can use your professional skills to master your business challenges and create the life you deserve.

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