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Reflexology Books

Energy Work and Meridians

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*Energy Medicine
Donna Eden & David Feinstein, published 2000
*The Web That Has No Weaver
Ted Kaptchuk, published 2000
*Qigong Empowerment
Wu Liang, published 1996

Reflexology Books and Videos

These books are listed to help you learn more about reflexology. Some of the older books may be out of print; you can often find them at sites that sell rare books.

Suggested Reading - Virginnia Recommends:

Foot Reflexology - A Visual Guide for Self-Treatment
by Jurgen Jora.This illustrated guide is especially suited for beginners because of its simplicity and clarity.
Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips
by Barbara and Kevin Kunz - there is a wealth of information about hand reflexology, including tips and illustrations.
An Introduction To Hand Reflexology
by Denise Whichello-Brown - a step-by-step guide and an essential introduction to hand reflexology techniques.
The Reflexology Manual
by Pauline Wills - an easy to use illustrated guide to the healing zones of the hands and feet.
In the Bag: Selling in the Salon
by Carol Phillips - an authoritative, exciting resource providing the building blocks necessary to generate sales day in and day out, featuring proven tips, techniques and technologies for generating additional sales revenue.
101 Media and Marketing Tips for Salon Owners, Stylists and Managers
by Nanette Miner and Gino Moncada - chock-full of useful, do-able tips and valuable resources that the salon owner, stylist or manager can immediately put into practice to boost their business image and visibility.
Reflexology: The Definitive Practitioner's Manual
by Beryl Crane. This manual is an excellent source of information about auricular reflexology.
Reflexology: An Illustrated Guide
by Beryl Crane. Contains a description of how to carry out ear reflexology, and also treat the face and head..
Better Health With Foot Reflexology
by Dwight C. Byers.These techniques were learned directly from Eunice Ingham "The Mother of Reflexology."
With its clear, concise information, this book is a great companion on your path to learning.
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology
by Inge Dougans. A good description of the meridians and foot conditions, with beautiful illustrations.
Reflexology: The Definitive Practitioner's Manual
by Beryl Crane. Yes, this is THE definitive manual for the dedicated reflexology professional!

Best Selling Reflexology Books

*Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips
Barbara Kunz, Kevin Kunz, Ruth Jenkinson, published 2003
*The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology
Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Russell McAllister, published 1999
*Reflexology: The Definitive Practitioner's Manual
Beryl Crane, published 1998
*Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health, Revised Edition
Mildred Carter, Tammy Weber, published 2000
The Family Guide to Reflexology 
Anne Gillanders, published 1998
*Reflexology: An Illustrated Guide
Beryl Crane, Non Shaw, published 1999
*Reflexology and Acupressure: Pressure Points for Healing
Janet Wright, published 2000
*The Parent's Guide to Reflexology
Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz, published 1997

Reflexology Videos

Living Arts Massage: Reflexology 
Massage Practice, Michelle Kluck et al.,  published 1999
Reflexology - Timeless Art of Self Healing 
Anne Gillanders et al., published 1999
Learning Reflexology
Merle Sunde

Reflexology Books Published between 1997 and 2000

*Practitioner's Guide to Reflexology
Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz, published 1997, republished April 2000
*Reflexology: A Step-By-Step Guide
Nicola Hall, published 1997
*Reflexology Foot Massage for Total Health
Inge Dougans, published 1997
Foot Reflexology: Simple Self-Treatment
Wolfgang Spurzem, published 1998
Reflexology: An Introductory Guide to Its Uses
Anya Gore, published 1997
Medical Applications of Reflexology: Findings in Research about Safety, Efficacy, Mechanism of Action and Cost-Effectiveness of Reflexology
Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz, published 1999
Reflexology and Color Therapy
Pauline Wills, published 1998
The Complete Book of Reflexology Remedies
Richard Leviton, Judith Lewis, published 1997
Hand Reflexology Workbook
Kevin Kunz, published 1997
Healing Yourself With Foot Reflexology
Mildred Carter, Tammy Weber, published 1997
Discover Reflexology
Rosalind Oxenford, published 1997
Reflexology: A Practical Approach
Vicki Pitman, Kay MacKenzie, published 1997
Reflexology: Simple Techniques to Relieve Stress and Enhance Your Mind
Rosalind Oxenford, published 1997
Reflexology: The A-Z Guide to Healing With Pressure Points
Judith Sachs, Judith Berger, published 1997

Other Reflexology Books

*The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology
Barbara Kunz, Kevin Kunz, published 1993
*The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology
Inge Dougans, published 1996
*Feet First: A Guide to Feet Reflexology
Laura Norman, published 1988
*The Foot Book: Healing the Body Through Foot Reflexology
Devaki Berkson, published 1992 (may be out of print)
*Foot Reflexology: A Visual Guide for Self-Treatment Vol 1
Jurgen Jora, published 1991
*The Joy of Reflexology
Ann Gillanders, published 1996
*Better Health With Foot Reflexology
Dwight C. Byers, published 1987
*Reflexology for Women
Nicola Hall, published 1994
*Foot Book: Healing the Body Through Reflexology
Devaki Berkson, published 1979
*Original Works of Eunice D. Ingham: Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology/Stories the Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology
Eunice D. Ingham, Dwight C. Byers, published 1984
*Reflexology: Art, Science and History
Christine Issel, published 1996
The Professional's Guide to Reflexology
Shelley Marleen Hess, published 1996
The Art of Reflexology: A New Approach Using the Chinese Meridian Theory
Inge Dougans, Suzanne Ellis, published 1992
Body Reflexology: Healing at Your Fingertips
Mildred Carter, Tammy Weber, published 1995
Full Body Reflexology
Barbara Dodd, published 1996
Hand and Foot Reflexology: A Self-Help Guide
Kevin Kunz, Barbara Kunz, published 1992
Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health
Mildred Carter,  published 1988
Maybelle Segal, published 1979
Chris Stormer, published 1996
Anya Gore, Shaun Williams, published 1993
Reflexology for Good Health
Anne Kaye, published 1982
The Reflexology Manual
Pauline Wills, published 1995
Reflexology Today
Doreen E. Bayly, published 1989
The Reflexology Workout: Hand & Foot Massage for Super Health & Rejuvenation
Stephanie Rick, published 1995
Reflexology; A Way to Better Health
Nicola M. Hall, published 1991
Right Brain Left Brain: Reflexology: A Self-Help Approach to Balancing Life's Energies With Color, Sound, and Pressure-Point Techniques
Madeleine, N. D., published 1994
Thorsons Principles of Reflexology
Nicola M. Hall, published 1996
Encyclopedia of Reflexology
Lynn Thomas Nelson, Gail Leslie Nelson, published 1995
General Principles of Human Reflexology
Vladimir M. Bekhterev, published 1973
Hand and Foot Reflexology: A Self Help Guide
K. Kunz, published 1984
How to Heal Yourself Using Foot Acupressure: Foot Reflexology
Michael Blate, published 1982
Introduction to Reflexology
Lynn T. Nelson, published 1992
The Reflexology and Colour Therapy Workbook
Pauline Willis, published 1993
Reflexology Foot Massage for Total Health
Inge Dougans, published 1996
The Reflexology Partnership: A Healing Bond
Suzanne Adamson, published 1996
The Reflexology Workout
Stephanie Rick, published 1986
Reflexology; Foot Massage for Total Health
Inge Dougans, published 1991
Thorsons Introductory Guide to Reflexology
Published 1995
V. M. Bekhterev's Collective Reflexology, Part 1
V.M. Bekhterev, published 1994
Encyclopedia of Reflexology a Working Professionals Text
Lynn Nelson, published 1990
Foot Reflexology
Marquard, published 1983
Holistic Reflexology
Avi Grinberg, published 1989
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